Dr. Gens Goodman, DO
Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery

Patient Education

Preparing for surgery

The weeks leading up to surgery are important. We’ve provided a few guidelines to help achieve the best outcome.


We’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding hip and knee replacement.

What to expect after surgery

Even once the surgery is concluded, the recovery process can help control just how effective it was.


Are you a candidate?

As the first step in any surgical procedure, it may help to learn what constitutes candidacy for joint replacement surgery.

At the office of Dr. Gens Goodman, we believe that an educated patient is an effective patient. We encourage our patients to learn as much as they can so they can be proactive in their pursuit of hip or knee health. We have included data to help with this, giving our patients any information necessary to have a complete understanding about their upcoming procedure, or whether a procedure is necessary in the first place. Please read below to find out more.